Amber (short story)

This is a short story that my friend inspired me to write. Please enjoy.

With fallen rose petals under her foot, she had peered in wonder through the old dark glass; past her own reflection she peered at another time, another world. It was the world she felt she belonged in.
She could be the girl she could see in the mirror, in a chair with a dog at her feet, comfortable near the warmth of the cooking range, secure in a home that could afford velvet curtains, happy in her world of day dreams.
A toad with Amber eyes moved at her feet and in the looking, she found a rusty key.
She felt like she belonged beyond the window pane and, key in her hand, she entered. She stepped in quickly, eager to relive her vision through the windows mind. Only a few steps in, her nostrils filled with that dank stagnant smell that , when everything else is dead, always lives on in in abandoned buildings. Her feet felt the long lived icy cold of the flagstones and her heart shuddered with her body, as disappointment met cold in the middle. She turned to leave quickly, just as the door was slowly creaking closed – only a few steps to the door but cobwebs clawed her face as if to keep her there, keep her now where she didn’t want to stay.
‘What a mistake you silly girl,’ she told herself as she hurriedly locked the door behind her. Replacing the key exactly where she’d found it, she found herself looking into the amber eyes of a toad. She sensed the toad was sharing wisdom with her, she opened her mind to listen…
Looking through the glass will never tell you what is on the other side, looking with imagination blies the reality of a diffrent existence. Out side glass you were anyone you wished to be – inside, something sought to rob you of your soul. In life, you will find many Windows through which you may look – remember well ‘seeing is not seeing.’

She’d found more in a moment from the amber eyes than the old house could tell a lifetime, who’s ever it was !
Sadly, she didn’t listen and Amber would make a crazy mistake once more.


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